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Clear Braces – Invisalign® and SureSmile®

Wanting a straight, healthy smile that adds to your appearance is a natural desire. If you find yourself dreaming of a more beautiful look, you are not alone. 

While many people achieve their straighter smile through traditional braces, this classic orthodontic treatment is not right for everyone. Particularly if you’re an older teen or adult, you might not relish the idea of spending several years wearing metal wires and brackets. Braces, while effective at straightening teeth, are a big commitment and are often very inconvenient. 

The good news is that you have options available if you want to avoid a mouth full of metal. At Vaccaro Aesthetic and Family Dentistry, we offer Invisalign® and SureSmile® clear teeth aligners. These “invisible braces” can be a highly successful alternative to traditional metal braces, and they are often great treatment choices for many of our patients. You, too, can experience the convenience of Invisalign® and SureSmile® clear braces. 

If you would like to schedule a consultation with our skilled cosmetic dentist—Dr. Matthew Vaccaro—our dental staff can set something up for you right away. Please call us today at (973) 377-8811 to get started or to simply learn more about Invisalign®

Straightening Teeth Without Metal Wires and Brackets

If you thought your only option for straightening your teeth was suffering through traditional metal braces, think again! Invisalign® and SureSmile® clear braces offer a way for older teens and adults to improve their smiles discreetly. Clear teeth aligners make it possible to still get the straighter teeth you need without spending years dealing with the hassle of brackets and wires. 

Invisalign® and SureSmile® clear plastic aligners are virtually invisible—even to someone seated across the table from you. The subtle, natural look of the aligners is typically the reason patients choose these treatments, but they also have many other distinct advantages.

Our patients love Invisalign® and SureSmile® because: 

  • There are no metal brackets or wires to irritate soft gum tissue
  • There are no food restrictions since you remove the aligners for eating and cleaning your teeth
  • There are typically fewer trips to the dentist necessary compared to traditional braces
  • Taking care of your oral hygiene is easy without having to worry about flossing and brushing around wires and brackets
  • Treatment times tend to be faster with Invisalign® and SureSmile®, and most patients can reach their smile goals in as little as six to 18 months
  • Although the clear plastic aligners are discreet, if you have an important event, you can remove them entirely for a few hours 

Invisalign® and SureSmile® clear braces offer an improved and modernized experience for patients who want straighter smiles. If you’re considering invisible braces, our dental office would love to meet with you. We can schedule a dental appointment with Dr. Vaccaro so you can learn more about the treatment process and decide whether or not clear braces are the right choice for your smile. 


SureSmile® offers patients at our practice an alternative to Invisalign®. The SureSmile® technique and treatment process is very similar to Invisalign®, but there are a few differences between them (you can read more about the distinctions in the section below). With SureSmile®, an innovative digital planning technology will be used to create a series of precise, customized aligner trays designed to gradually move the teeth into better alignment. The process can ultimately help many individuals achieve their orthodontic goals in a more comfortable (and much more discreet) way. The clear, plastic aligners are specifically designed to provide the best fit possible as they realign the teeth, and they can be removed while eating and drinking. 

SureSmile® vs. Invisalign®

While SureSmile® and Invisalign® share many similarities, there are certainly some distinctions between them, as well. These two options both utilize a progressive treatment system involving custom-made, clear orthodontic appliances that work to bring misaligned teeth into a more desirable position. They also use innovative digital technologies to create the blueprints that will be employed to manufacture the series of aligners. Our practice has found that the imaging software used for SureSmile® aligners creates a very precise fit, and we often see patients achieve optimal results in a shorter period of time than it typically takes with other types of aligners or traditional braces. Additionally, some patients may require a number of attachments to their Invisalign® aligners, while we’ve found that SureSmile® often does not require as many (or any at all). SureSmile® may also be a better option for patients who have slightly more complex orthodontic conditions, and it can sometimes be less expensive than Invisalign®

To be sure, both SureSmile® and Invisalign® are exceptional treatment options for the right candidate. Once your oral structures have been evaluated by our dentist during the initial consultation, Dr. Vaccaro can recommend the best option for you based on your individual needs and goals. 

Who Is a Good Candidate for Invisalign® and SureSmile®?

At Vaccaro Aesthetic and Family Dentistry, we do everything we can to make your Invisalign® or SureSmile® treatment go smoothly. Clear braces are such a wonderful dental advancement, and we want you to have the best experience you possibly can. 

The treatment process for clear orthodontic aligners happens gradually and on a specified time table. The exact length of your treatment will depend on the position of your teeth and on the needs of your smile. 

It’s helpful to know that we typically will not recommend Invisalign® or SureSmile® invisible braces if you need a substantial amount of orthodontic correction. Clear aligners are frequently not right for patients with severe overcrowding, or for patients who have considerable overbite or underbite problems. 

Invisalign® and SureSmile® are also not right for children or for young teenage patients and is better suited for those who are in their late teens or into adulthood. You may be a good candidate for Invisalign® or SureSmile® if your teeth are mildly or moderately misaligned and if you are committed to wearing your aligners for the entire duration of your treatment. 

If you and Dr. Vaccaro decide that you are a strong candidate for invisible braces, then we can usually begin your treatment right away. When you work with our dental office, our job is to set you up for success and to minimize the amount of time you have to spend in the dental chair. When it comes to clear aligners, you do most of the legwork at home each day simply by wearing your trays! 

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Low-Maintenance Orthodontic Care

After you start your treatment, our Chatham dentist will initially provide you with several sets of clear aligners that you wear each day. Typically, you will wear an aligner for approximately two weeks before swapping it out for the next aligner in the program. The aligners will apply low-force pressure to your teeth, gradually moving them into the desired position. 

There are no metal brackets or other orthodontic appliances attached to your teeth; instead, you will be in charge of ensuring you wear the aligners for at least 22 hours each day. You should wear your Invisalign® or SureSmile® aligners while you sleep, attend school, or go to work. Although your aligners are removable, you need to resist the temptation to take them out unnecessarily. You should only remove your aligners when you’re eating or when you’re brushing and flossing your teeth each day. You can also take your aligners out for infrequent special occasions like weddings. 

With Invisalign® and SureSmile®, there are fewer visits to the dentist during treatment because there are typically no needed adjustments. Simply exchange one set of aligners for the next set at the recommended interval, which is usually every two weeks. You will be asked to come in occasionally, however, so Dr. Vaccaro can monitor your progress as well as keep an eye on your oral health. It’s crucial to stay on top of your regular dental care while undergoing the treatment because your teeth are still susceptible to decay and other damage, even underneath your aligners. 

At the end of your treatment, you will need to wear a retainer. This will protect your investment by helping ensure your teeth do not drift back into their original position. Most patients start out wearing their retainer every night while they sleep but eventually can drop down to only a few nights each week. 

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Clear Braces
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Clear Braces
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Clear Braces

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How Much Does Invisalign® or SureSmile® Cost?

The cost of Invisalign® at our practice typically falls between the range of $4,000 – $7,000. The cost of SureSmile® is often between $2,500 and $6,000. Fortunately, these price ranges usually make Invisalign® and SureSmile® less expensive than braces and other forms of orthodontic treatment. Factors that will determine the overall cost of Invisalign® or SureSmile® include the complexity of the orthodontic concerns being addressed, the projected duration that the treatment will take to produce optimal results and the number of aligners that will be necessary, and other components. It is important to remember that many dental insurance policies offer coverage for orthodontic treatment, and Invisalign® and SureSmile® are typically considered to be in that category. Plus, Vaccaro Aesthetic and Family Dentistry accepts numerous methods of payment, including financing plans through CareCredit® that can help qualified applicants pay for their treatment in installments. When your treatment plan is created during the consultation, we will provide you with an estimated cost of your Invisalign® or SureSmile® treatment and will be happy to talk more with you about payment options.

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Why settle for crooked or overlapped teeth when you can have a beautiful, straight smile? Invisalign® and SureSmile® options make it easy to correct your smile, and the end result is typically a look that is not only more stunning but also easier to take care of. Our adult patients continue to request clear aligners for all of their orthodontic needs because of how simple and hassle-free the treatment is. 

If you are interested in Invisalign® or SureSmile®, Dr. Vaccaro can help you. Please contact our dental team online or at (973) 377-8811 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you discover a more perfect version of your smile!

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